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"Venue coordinators do not actually coordinate weddings!"

What they do fabulously is manage the venue, keep the kitchen operating at full capacity, and prevent any rule breaking. And, if you’re lucky, they might also help with overall setup and decor. What they generally don’t do is answer all the miscellaneous questions that pop up throughout the day.

  • What time will the makeup artist arrive?

  • When and where will the flowers be delivered?

  • Who will arrange the table settings?

  • Who will hit “play” on the iPod for our processional? What about the recessional?

  • Where should the families go for formal pictures? And what time should they arrive?

  • What time should the DJ announce dinner after the cocktail party?

  • Who’s going to release tables for dinner?

  • Who should sit where?

  • When and where will the other wedding vendors eat?

  • Who’s going to cut the cake after the bride and groom take the first slice?

  • When should the DJ open the dance floor?

  • Who will gather our guests for our sparkler send off?

  • Who will make sure all our vendors are paid their balances at the end of the night?"

What is a Day-of-Coordinator, anyway?

I know what you've been through and where you're at because I've been there myself!


Your wedding is a deeply personal event that you've enjoyed curating with your partner. You've selected the venue, ordered flowers, tasted the cake and added special touches along the way that embody you and your fiance's unique personalities.


It's been a hectic road thus far. You've managed dozens of vendors and made phone calls at odd hours. Last minute changes have been a challenge, but you've still enjoyed every minute of it. Your sense of excitement is palpable!

Now, it's time for the big day, and there is still so much to do.

The million dollar question? While your busy walking down the aisle, who is going to do the rest of it?

Not to be the bearer of bad news or stress you out further, but usually it ends up being you! Sure, your venue might supply what they designate as their "coordinator," but there is so much that they don't actually do.


When I talk to brides I haven't worked with, their biggest regret is that they wish they could have spent more time enjoying their wedding and less time getting side tracked tending to various issues that come up at the last minute.



Not to worry! That's where a Day-of-Coordinator comes in!

Unlike Wedding Planners who plan your entire wedding from start to finish (and empty half of your bank account!) day of coordinators or "DOCs," take over for you in the weeks leading up to your wedding and manage all vendor communications and the flawless execution of your big day.

One of my favorite articles on the topic from the Offbeat Bride describes it perfectly:

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